Creative Connection

Location: London

Date: 2019-2020


Creative Connection is an empowering network of young women and girls alongside women curated by Milk & Honey & AdeWellness. It was curated due to the need for a space to influence young women and girls alongside their role models to feel inspired to become the best versions of themselves through wellness, healing and creativity through monthly workshops that leaves everyone feeling connected.


Creative Connection Trailer

Our Ethos

The Leaf

Providing a supportive network, safe place and holistic wellness that provides each female with tools that equip them to feel relaxed.

The Bee

The Bee represents the strength that women, young women and girls poses through utilising creativity to express feelings and thoughts through Milk & Honey style sessions.

The Lightening Bolt

The Connection that is created within a safe space where women, young women and girls come together and leave feeling empowered.