Girl hood unfiltered by Ebinehita Iyere

Signed & Dedicated: Girlhood Unfiltered: A Milk Honey Bees essay collection

Girlhood Unfiltered is a ground-breaking anthology of essays, letters and creative work authentically reflecting on the multifaceted experience of Black girlhood by an inspiring group of real teenage girls from South London-based organisation Milk Honey Bees and their founder, Ebinehita Iyere.

girlhood unfiltered coverOrganised into three sections entitled HEALING, EMPOWERMENT and RESILIENCE (H.E.R), which form the foundation of Milk Honey Bees’ ethos, the collection features first person narratives and creative work exploring a wide range of topics; from adultification and the perception of Black girls, to friendship, school and home life, to the joy found in dance and drama, and the importance of self-acceptance, love, trust and support. All contributions from the twenty girls share a central thread of finding understanding, acceptance and community at Milk Honey Bees and act as a love-letter to the difference Ebinehita and this sisterhood have made to the lives of so many girls.

This powerful and important collection is book-ended with an introduction and a series of letters by Ebinehita, contextualising the intentions and origins of this book and all her life-changing work with young people.

Girlhood Unfiltered makes space for the authentic voices and stories of real young Black girls to be heard.

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