The Black Girl Global Justice Initiative


The Black Girl Global Justice Initiative engages Black girls in academic and policy work that centres Black girlhood.

All participants will be equipped with lessons in Black Girlhood, creativity, activism and advocacy. Together we will expand JBG’s Black Girlhood curriculum to include the unique experiences of Black British Girls and demand global justice on behalf of Black Girls.

As a participant, you will have the pleasure of working alongside Black girls from the USA on a project centred around Black girlhood, cultivating a space of sisterhood and security, where your voices are heard and valued. The virtual space will not only be rooted in Black Girlhood but also will lead to curating an event for 2021where we will host ambassadors from JBG in London.

Topics include but not limited to: An Introduction to Black Girlhood, Intersectionality, Identity, Adultification, Black Girl experience of education, Cultural Appropriation & Respectability and Black Girlhood and Black Girl Safekeeping + Healing/Liberation.

Who can apply

Age: 13-17

We are welcoming applications from all black british and mixed black british girls!! Our space is safe and inclusive! As the space is virtual we are keen to support girls from outside london!

Application closes:

Wednesday 11th november at 11:59pm gmt

Application cycle:

Selected finalists notified for a virtual meet during the week of november 16th.

Program commitments:

Selected participants will meet 2x a month on saturdays at 6pm

Our Ethos

The Leaf

Providing a supportive network, safe place and holistic wellness that provides each female with tools that equip them to feel relaxed.

The Bee

The Bee represents the strength that women, young women and girls poses through utilising creativity to express feelings and thoughts through Milk & Honey style sessions.

The Lightening Bolt

The Connection that is created within a safe space where women, young women and girls come together and leave feeling empowered.