The Power In Me: Application Form

Milk Honey Bees: a creative and expressive safe space is a creative and expressive safe space for Black girls to flourish and put H.E.R (Healing, Empowerment and Resilience) first.

Milk Honey Bees is rooted in the creativity, celebration and liberation of Black Girlhood by amplifying the voice and visibility of Black Girls in all facets of life, opening doors that can often be closed to Black girls and ensuring that they are able to put both their Blackness and girlhood at the forefront, enabling them to discover not only their full potential, but also who they are.

It’s more than just a project, it’s a sisterhood, a family. 

The Power in Me created by Milk Honey Bees in partnership with Barbie ®. This creative writing workbook is designed to empower Black girls by building their confidence and their creative writing skills.

We have seven weeks and each week we will be focusing on a different theme and different activities. 

We would like your daughter to be a part of this special project and would like you to support her with the process. This project involves so much expression, fun, creativity and joy that is crucial for the excellence,  growth and development of Black Girls.

Thank you for your interest but applications are now closed.